Bokeh Game Studio is a new team consisted of the Silent Hill and Siren creators. They are now working on their debut project, and here’s what the developers have told about the upcoming horror game.

Bokeh Game Studio was founded in 2020 after Keiichiro Toyama (creator of Silent Hill), Kazunobu Sato (producer of The Last Guardian), and Junya Okura (game designer of Siren and Gravity Rush) left PlayStation Japan.

Eurogamer spoke with three creators about their first game in an interview published on July 8.

  • Toyama has been stocking up on ideas for a horror game ever since the development of Gravity Rush. He also said that he is excited to see what other studios would bring to the genre with VR technologies.
  • According to Sato, they have been working on the game’s prototype for six months, trying to bring core mechanics together. So the project is still in an early stage of development.
  • There are not many details about Bokeh’s title, but Toyama says that it’s not just a horror game, as it also has “action and speedy” elements.
  • The studio wants to create a new way to connect gameplay and narrative, experimenting with ideas and storytelling. Bokeh is now also collaborating with a group of creators who will work with the studio’s art department.

Concept art for Bokeh’s upcoming game

  • According to Toyama, the theme of their new game is “both horrific yet aesthetically beautiful.”
  • Speaking about the potential Silent Hill reboot from another studio, Toyama said that you don’t need to necessarily stick to a specific system or style. “As long as the theme of Silent Hill, of how the inner darkness of people were being embodied, continues, I think anything beyond that is free territory to explore,” he explained.

You can read the full interview here.