Console players might face problems, as there is a new cheat that is becoming a trend. It uses machine learning to aim at targets, also making it hard for developers to track and block it.

The new cheat was presented on July 5 by Anti-Cheat Police Department, according to Eurogamer. If it becomes a huge trend, consoles will no longer be a safe space to play online shooters. The promo video is also focused on using this cheat in Call of Duty.

This is how the software works. A capture card sends gameplay from a console to a PC in real-time, while the cheat software analyzes the footage using machine learning and responds with input commands. It means that a player only has to aim in the general area, and the cheat will do everything else.

However, it might not become widespread among console players because it requires additional devices like a capture card and, of course, a PC. The thing is that it will be hard for developers to track this new cheat because everything would look normal from another player’s perspective (at first glance).