The weirdest story of the day came from China where a male gamer spent over $22,000 on in-game gifts for a girl he wanted to play League of Legends with. After she refused to go out with him, he tried to sue her.

The story was reported by Guangzhou Daily and later translated by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Chinese player referred to as Xiao Jun “hired an e-girl” referred to as Xiao Mei to play League of Legends with him. Between November 2019 and April 2020, he spent over $11,000 in the game on gifts. He tried to ask her for a date and didn’t stop even after Mei refused. Jun went on to spend $11,425 more on different cosmetics.

However, the girl refused again and had no interest in meeting Xiao Jun. That’s when he decided to take the matter to court and sue her for “unjust enrichment,” asking her to return all the money he spent on her. The case was dismissed, leaving the gamer with no money.

“Don’t play LoL, this is what happens to you,” Ahmad ironically wrote, also saying that you’re “not entitled to a relationship with someone just because you randomly decided to spend money on that person.”

Let it be the moral of this really weird story.