Developers will be able to get 100% of revenue on Windows Store from using third-party payment systems. However, Microsoft has clarified that the changes won’t apply to games.

Microsoft confirmed this information to The Verge on June 25. The company didn’t name the reasons for its decision, only noting that only app developers won’t have to pay commission anymore.

The new rules will come into force on July 28. Developers who sell software on Windows Store will be able to use their own or third-party payment systems without having to pay money to Microsoft.

The company has already explained its policy during the trial between Apple and Epic Games. According to Microsoft, it sells Xbox consoles at loss, so a 30 percent cut is the only way to make profits. However, the rules don’t apply to PC, as the company will reduce the commission rate on Microsoft Store to 15% for apps and 12% for games on August 1.