Rockstar hasn’t officially announced GTA VI yet, but the game is already surrounded by different rumors and speculations. The latest leak spotted online dates back to 2016 and comes from an anonymous source who accurately detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 before.

The information was shared by Twitter user Elijah Pickle on May 30. It features a few screenshots of messages that were written in 2016 on one of the imageboards.

It’s still better to be skeptical about all the information but it comes from an anonymous developer who claimed to be a Rockstar developer. In 2016, he gave detailed information about Red Dead Redemption 2, but no one on the forum believed him. However, he was absolutely right about the game.

So here is what the anonymous leaker told about GTA VI:

  • The full production of GTA VI started in 2016 after two years of pre-production;
  • The game will have Vice City vibes but it isn’t about the 80’s. It is set in Cuba and Florida;
  • GTA VI features two protagonists: a male character who smuggles drugs (he is Mexican and a comic relief) and a female character who is his contact in the US (she reminded the anonymous developer of comedian Leslie Jones but “completely dead faced”);
  • The game is supposed to be Rockstar’s most mature project and less satirical than other GTA titles.

While this “developer” was right about Red Dead Redemption 2, this leak still has a chance to be false. Rockstar hasn’t revealed anything about the next GTA’s plot or setting and is now only preparing to release ports of GTA V for next-gen consoles. In March, insider Tom Henderson wrote that 80% of the GTA VI leaks are “smoke and mirrors.”