Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has penned an open letter summarizing the efforts the company has taken since June 2020 to build “a better Ubisoft.”

According to Guillemot, after receiving misconduct allegations last year, the company set up a number of reporting mechanisms. At the same time investigations were launched resulting in various outcomes including anti-harassment training, disciplinary sanctions, and dismissals. As a result of an external audit of the company’s global HR organization and processes, Ubisoft was able to strengthen its non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.

The letter goes on to list the appointments made over the last year with a view to “becoming an exemplary workplace in the tech industry.”

In the conclusion, Guillemot personally commits to the “responsibility to act as role models and be exemplary for our teams.”

Despite this reassuring rhetoric, French outlet Le Télégramme claims that no sustantial changes have in fact been made at the company. Meanwhile, gaming enthusiasts and professionals took to Twitter to express their skepticism and spread hashtag #HoldUbisoftAccountable.

A lot of tweets go as far as calling on the CEO to step down.

Other users are even considering leaving the industry over the harrassment issues like the ones happening at Ubisoft.

In case you don’t mind a deep dive into the whole #HoldUbisoftAccountable business, here’s the link to Ubisoft’s tweet and all the discussion that ensued, proceed at your own risk.