Resident Evil Village was released earlier this month to critical acclaim and commercial success. Now Capcom has opened up about challenges they faced during the development.

On May 18, Capcom released a short video about the making of Resident Evil Village. Here is what the company revealed in the clip.

  • The main concept of RE Village was built around the idea of “struggle to survive,” according to game director Morimasa Sato. “I think the core of horror is to going forward when you just really want to run away,” he explained.
  • Early builds contained too many enemies, and they were too aggressive, as it was pointed out by playtesters. The game felt so difficult because a player almost never had enough bullets. Eventually, Capcom decided to change the balance.
  • One of the main tasks for the developers was to find a perfect rhythm when every encounter with enemies will be sudden and intense. Instead of fighting hordes of monsters, gamers shouldn’t know when exactly they will attack.

You can watch the whole video below.