Hiberworld is a web-based platform for creating interactive virtual experiences. It now has over 1 million UGC games, which is a significant milestone.

The company shared the news last week. “This is all thanks to our fantastic community, you continue to amaze us with your creativity,” developer Hiber stated, also saying that it is now adding over 130 new items and 10 new environments to the platform.

Hiberworld allows users to create their own games, 3D hangouts, playgrounds, interactive scenes, showcases, and virtual worlds without the need to code. It might look pretty similar to Roblox and other UGC platforms but it can only run games in browsers so far.

“The road to the first million games really began to take shape when we released touch creation on mobile devices in October 2019,” Hiber co-founder Mattias Johansson said. “Since then, we have seen everything grow month over month and the community is constantly asking for more things with which to build.”

Hiberworld offers users different social features, including chat, likes, followers, and comments. The company also plans to release apps on iOS and Android in 2021.