Epic Games-backed Core has entered early access. It is a platform that gives users tools to create and monetize their own games, as well as travel between thousands of worlds within a so-called multiverse.

Core is now available exclusively on Epic Games Store. The platform already has over 20,000 user-created games. Their genres vary from side-scrollers and FPS to RPGs and multiplayer actions.

Manticore Games, which developed the platform, provides users with a toolkit to create games and share them with other people. It might be similar to Roblox or Dreams, but Core is based on Unreal Engine 4 and lets players use premade assets, drop-down tools, and other functions.

The developers also want to turn their platform into YouTube of game development, making it easier for creators to monetize their projects. Users can now earn money via a special Perks system that was launched last December. Options vary from in-game purchases to monthly subscriptions, with 50 percent share going to creators.

Manticore Games has already raised $160 million, including a $15 million contribution from Epic Games. The company has big ambitions in building its own multiverse. You can read more about Core’s concept and developers’ plans here.