MetaHuman Creator is now finally available in early access. Epic Games’ new toolkit allows developers to create realistic digital humans within minutes.

Epic Games opened registration for the MetaHuman Creator Early Access program on the Unreal Engine’s official website. The company also introduced 50 ready-made models available for download from Quixel Bridge.

MetaHuman Creator is based on 3Lateral and Cubic Motion technologies. It looks very user-friendly and reminds of some in-game character creation tools, but with a professional twist to it. Epic’s application allows developers to edit facial features, skin, body types, hairstyles, teeth, etc.

The company also noted that not everyone will have access to MetaHuman Creator right away due to its cloud-based nature. “Rest assured, we will do our best to get everyone on board as soon as possible,” Epic Games stated.

MetaHuman Creator was first introduced in February and caused a stir among game developers and professionals from other fields. Even Elon Musk praised the tool. It can really make modeling and animating characters much easier and faster, so even smaller indie studios could use it in their projects.