Journalist Jason Schreier asked game developers to share their experience of how remote work has affected them since the beginning of the pandemic. While some people noticed that they become more efficient, the others opened up about being less productive.


There were two questions that Jason Schreier asked on Twitter. The first one was about efficiency, and the second one was about if companies are now more accommodating to remote work.

A lot of people became less efficient due to the pandemic

Some devs saw remote work increasing their efficiency

Other respondents said their efficiency stayed on the same level

Some people believe that remote working is bad for communication and brainstorming

Also, freelancers found out that finding work became a lot easier, as more companies are now opening remote job offerings. One of the respondents even said that their studio happened only because of the pandemic, so working from home is their standard now.

To sum things up, there is obviously no universal answer, because a lot of people are still adapting to the new world we all have entered. Of course, remote work has its own pros and cons, and they can differ from company to company (or just based on different people’s perspectives, preferences, and experiences).

However, we can see remote work becoming the new normal across the world, with some companies working 100% from home, while others trying to implement some hybrid work systems.