Rumors about a potential reboot of Silent Hill have been circulating for a while. Now The Medium developer Bloober Team reveals it is working on a certain horror franchise with a famous publisher.


People got excited after published an interview with Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno. While he didn’t confirm that the team was working with Konami on Silent Hill, many thought it might be a revival of their beloved IP.

“We’ve been working for more than a year on another gaming project, another horror IP, and we’re doing this with a very famous gaming publisher. I can’t tell you who. I can’t tell you what the project is, but I’m pretty sure when people realize we’re working on it, they will be very excited,” Babieno told

Soon after the interview appeared online, VGC said that Konami “has already outsourced a Silent Hill project to a prominent Japanese developer,” and the announcement should come this summer. It’s also worth noting that Hideo Kojima is 100% not involved in the project.

It means that if Bloober Team is really working on Silent Hill too, it would confirm an old rumor about Konami’s plans to release two projects based on their horror IP. According to VGC, Konami initially approached Supermassive to pitch a Silent Hill reboot, and it later turned into the studio’s episodic Dark Pictures Anthology.

Konami has always been against giving their IPs to third-party developers. However, the situation reportedly has changed after their projects Metal Gear Survive and Contra: Rogue Corps failed. Sources told VGC that the company also plans to develop new Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid games via external studios.