The newest version of Cocos Creator merges 2D and 3D rendering, finally giving developers a variety of tools to fully work with 3D graphics.


The company shared the news on its official blog, announcing the launch of Cocos Creator 3.0. The engine’s new version has tons of improvements, including a full 3D integration.

Here are some major new features available in Cocos Creator 3.0:

  • 3D assets support for glTF2.0 and FBX, from both open-source and commercial asset builders;
  • Merged 2D and 3D render pipeline, improved flexibility, and performance;
  • 3D physics module with multiple physics backend engines;
  • Cross-platform publish, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5, and instant gaming platforms
  • A graphics backend abstraction supporting modern APIs like Vulkan and Metal with the ability to fall back to OpenGL ES3 on lower-end or older devices;
  • Support for Apple M1 CPUs;
  • Physically-based light, camera, and material for full PBR rendering.

The company also notes that projects made in Cocos Creator V2.x may not work correctly in Cocos Creator 3.0. However, the developers already have a clear roadmap, as they will be releasing updates for Cocos Creator 3.0 over the next two years.

Cocos Creator is designed to develop games for PC and consoles, but its main priorities are mobile and HTML5 titles. The engine is used in more than 100 thousand games from numerous companies, including Tencent, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Gameloft.