Google employees are launching a global union alliance called Alpha Global. The coalition will include 13 different unions representing workers across 10 countries.

This includes the United States, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Belgium.

We know that organizing for justice at a global company like Alphabet* does not stop at national boundaries. That is why it is so important to unite with workers in other countries. In a world where inequality is tearing apart, our societies and corporations are hoarding more influence than ever, reclaiming our power through our unions has never been more important.

Parul Koul

executive chair of the Alphabet Workers Union and a Google software engineer

*Alphabet is the Google parent company

As of now, The Verge reports, there’s no legally binding agreement with Google. The coalition, however, may try to get Google to sign a neutrality agreement which will force the company to support unionization attempts.

Alpha Global will now elect a steering committee, made up of Google staff and union organizers. The coaliton intends to address some national issues, as well as international ones like compulsory signing of nondisclosure agreements.