As of December 20, gamers have purchased over 13 million copies of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red revealed in its report for investors.

The company published it to reassure investors that the game is still selling phenomenally well despite the messy launch. The 13 million figure includes 8 million pre-orders announced earlier, with the total number of refund requests already deducted. The estimate covers both digital and physical sales across all platforms.

All the controversy aside, this result, according to Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad, makes Cyberpunk 2077 “one of the largest premium game launches ever” on par with the Call of Duty titles and Red Dead Redemption 2.

This is where it’s taking an interesting turn. The 13 million figure might just placate all the concerned shareholders who are already considering a class action lawsuit against Cyberpunk 2077 creators. If it does, will the CDPR execs take it a sign that their management style is ultimately ok? The game is selling well, there are no legal repercussions, the damaged reputation will eventually be patched (pun totally intended). This could mean that The Witcher 4, or whatever it’s called, might be another product of crunch, unfocused management and even “manipulative and deceptive practices” designed to mislead investors. On a more positive note, eight years from now, we’ll know better than to buy a PS5 or Xbox X/S version of the next Witcher game at launch.