Aeon Must Die! developer Limestone Games had denied transgressions alleged by its former employees.

The studio said it will be turning to the authorities to disprove claims by Aleksei Nehoroshkin, the former CCO of Limestone Games, and his team.

For the time being, the company issued a press release. Below are its key points:

  • Aeon Must Die! development is still on track with the core team intact;
  • Limestone Games is turning to the authorities to investigate the allegations of the former employees;
  • Aleksei Nehoroshkin has been part of all major decision as all company decisions needed the unanimous decision of 3 people;
  • No IP theft has happened – the IP of the game has belonged to Limestone Games from the start;
  • Aleksei Nehoroshkin continues to be a shareholder at Limestone Games.

As for the ownership of the Aeon Must Die! IP, the studio has challenged the validity of the IP theft allegations. Under Estonian law, IP of a product developed by the employees belongs to the employer, i.e. Limestone Games, says the press release. It was impossible for Aleksei Nehoroshkin to lose the IP because it wasn’t his to lose in the first place. “Aleksei, who is still a shareholder of the company, never owned the IP as he was an employee. I do not own the IP either – as I’m working for Limestone Games all work done belongs to the company,” said Yaroslav Lyssenko, CEO of Limestone Games.

Limestone Games also said the company is looking for a neutral mediator that can start dialogue with the former employees. The company has also invited local Estonian media representatives to visit the Limestone Games studio and talk to its current employees.