Xbox Series X will be released in November 2020, along with fifty new titles. Halo Infinite, though, won’t be one of them.

The update came directly from Microsoft’s gaming division. Previously, the company did not name a specific month, simply mentioning the fall of 2020 as the console’s release window.

At launch, thousands of games wil be available on Xbox Series X, many of which are playable thanks to backward compatibility. As for new titles coming to Xbox Series X, there will be over 50 of them. Additionaly, more than 40 older games will be newly optimized for Xbox Series X.

At the time of the announcement from Microsoft, Halo Infinite developers at 343 Industries took to Twitter to say that the title won’t be available at the launch of the console. The game will ship in 2021 as more time is necessary to achieve “the quality we know our fans expect” while ensuring the team’s well-being.