Mark Brown, creator of the Game Maker’s Toolkit blog, has announced that his latest project Platformer Toolkit has reached a new milestone. It is an interactive video essay where the player has to fix a bad platformer.

Brown shared the news on Twitter, saying that Platformer Toolkit has generated over 100k downloads / browser plays so far. It took the project a little over two months to reach such a milestone.

Platformer Toolkit is an experimental video essay on platformer game design, which was built with Unity and released on (available for free). The player controls a character named Kit and has to change her speed, jump height, and other settings using an interactive toolkit. 

The goal is to fix the bad movement and see how different options could affect the platforming gameplay and overall feel. Platformer Toolkit also contains Brown’s explanations of different mechanics and settings, so the project serves as not only a fun mini game but also as a great interactive lecture on the basic design principles of platform games.

Mark Brown is a game journalist, who is best known for his Game Maker’s Toolkit blog on YouTube. Right now, he is also working on his debut game, a 2D platformer about a robot solving puzzles with a magnet.