Discord has launched a new website and introduced a new tagline: “Your Place to Talk.”


While the core functionality of the service hasn’t changed, it is now being promoted as a day-to-day communication solution for everybody, not just for gamers.

Games are what brought many of you on the platform, and we’ll always be grateful for that. As time passed, a lot of you realized, and vocalized, that you simply wanted a place designed to hang out and talk in the comfort of your own communities and friends. You wanted a place to have genuine conversations and spend quality time with people, whether catching up, learning something, or sharing ideas. A place where you and your world can truly belong.

Jason Citron, Founder/CEO at Discord, in a blog post

The company also shared some stats:

Since its launch in 2015, Discord has grown to over 100 million MAU. Users spend 4 billion minutes in conversation daily across 6.7 million active servers. On a weekly basis, that’s 26 billion server conversation minutes across 13.5 million active servers.

Some changes have been implemented to make the platform easier to use:

We’ve streamlined the new user onboarding experience and added server video so it’s easier than ever to get together. There are new server templates that make it super easy to help your friends create new servers. We’ve fixed hundreds of bugs, increased voice & video capacity by 200 percent, and continue to invest in reliability and performance as our top priority. We’ve also made the jokes and references within the app less gaming specific to make sure everyone can take part in the fun and make Discord more welcoming.