No UDID – no advertising revenue

MoPub experts have estimated that in the event of a ban on UDID, Apple will cut developers’ advertising revenue by about 24%.

Since advertising companies use UDID* to track the effectiveness of advertising and pricing, the withdrawal of such a marketing tool is highly likely to attract developers to lose about a quarter of the revenue generated from advertising, Apple Insider reports with reference to MacWorld UK.

At the moment, it is thanks to working with UDID that advertisers are able to track how ads are successfully converted into specific actions (downloads or clicks on links). In other words, UDID allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, and, consequently, influence the price of a particular advertising platform. 

“Moving away from UDID threatens the advertising revenue of many publishers,” explains Jim Payne, executive director of MoPub. – There is a direct connection between the money that is paid for advertising and the ability to track this very advertising. So it is clear that Apple should solve this issue by presenting a suitable alternative, because if it does ban UDID, it will have a very painful effect on publishers.” 

In support of its words, MoPub presented the results of its own three-month study. According to him, the difference between companies using UDIDs and those who do not use them in eCPM* is a significant $0.18 ($0.76 versus $0.58).

Well, while some are mentally preparing for the loss of advertisers or waiting for a saving solution from Apple itself, others are looking for a way out of the situation on their own. For example, the Adfonic advertising company recently released a new version of its SDK that supports an alternative to UDID – OpenUDID. 

Read more about the reasons for the planned ban on the use of UDID here, and about possible alternatives here.

*unique device identifier**the effective cost of a thousand views (is calculated by dividing the total revenue – or costs – by the total number of views).


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