The new iPad accounts for 10% of the total traffic of Apple tablets

Specialists of Chitika claim that the new tablet of the Apple company “dragged” 1/10 of all the traffic generated by iPads of the first and second generations. 

Recall that in the first four days of sales of the new iPad, it grabbed 5% of traffic. As you can see, it took him much more for another 5% – about 20 days. In any case, the figure is impressive, however, it is not worth judging the sales of the new device by it. Moreover, comparing the trafics of old and new devices is not entirely correct. 

There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, a 4G module has appeared in the new device, which allows you to surf very comfortably in some regions, watch streaming videos and download large applications with greater speed. And, as you know, the higher the speed, the more traffic. 

Secondly, do not forget about the working resolution of the new iPad – it is four times larger than the previous models. Accordingly, it seems natural that users now also download videos in maximum quality.

And although these are only assumptions so far, it seems to me that it is worth thinking about them before judging the impressive sales of the new Apple tablet by traffic.

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