Videos of gameplay, cutscenes, and developer menus from The Last of Us Part II were leaked during the weekend sparking heated debate across the internet.

In Russia specifically, the details of the story gleaned from the leaks did not sit well with Ilya Maddison, Russian blogger and a member of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

The blogger announced on Twitter that the game should be banned in Russia based on Clause 6.21. of the country’s Code of Administrative Offences “Propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors.” Maddison called on Sony to not sell the game in Russia just like they did with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

However, the situation with The Last of Us Part II is hardly similar. While the game does feature a lesbian relationship (underscored by one of the leaked scenes), The Last of Us Part II is rated M for Mature and thus complies with the Russian legislation.

Regardless of the sentiments around The Last of Us Part II, the title has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. As for the leaks, suggests they might be “the result of a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee.” If that is the case, Naughty Dog might want to finally reconsider its labor practices, which are allegedly far from ideal.