Dean Hall, who created DayZ, reunites with Brian Hicks, who was Creative Director on DayZ at Bohemia Interactive.



After stepping down as lead developer on DayZ in 2014, Hall left Bohemia Interactive and founded his own studio RocketWerkz. On Twitter, Hall announced that Hicks had now joined the studio as executive producer.

Together, the developers are now working on a survival title only known as “UNANNOUNCED AAA PROJECT”. The studio is ready to begin playtesting it.

RocketWerkz launched Out of Ammo (2016) and Out of Ammo: Death Drive (2017) for VR. It’s still developing Stationeers, a space station construction and management simulator, which came out in early access in 2017. Two more survival titles were in development at the studio: Ion, which got cancelled in 2017, and Living Dark, whose status is unknown.