Unity announced Unite Now, a series of learning sessions, demos, roundtables, interviews, and Q&As starting April 14.


Unity experts, creators, partners and other members of the Unity community will talk about all the Unity tech and solutions, providing time-saving tips and advice on  how to launch, operate, and monetize your games.

The engine creators promise the following content:

  • Helpful tips and how-to’s: Unity experts will provide time-saving tips, tricks and best practices so you can get the most out of the Unity content-creation platform and its live game, multiplayer, and monetization services.
  • In-depth learning sessions: Learn about a new product, service or capability while engaging with Unity’s product experts and R&D leaders. Ask them your top questions, provide user feedback, and talk shop in real-time.
  • Inspiring Unity creator stories: Hear great first-person accounts of how Unity developers are blazing trails to realize their creative and financial goals. In a series of podcasts, you’ll learn about their journeys, what they’re creating, and how they’re using Unity in unique and innovative ways.

Beginning April 14, the series will run throughout the spring and summer, with new content rolled out each week. While the talks will be streamed in real time, the videos will later be availbe for download. You can sign in here.