Terraria, which came out nearly nine years ago, has surpassed 30 million units sold.


Developer Re-Logic announced the milestone on the official forum.

The breakdown by platform is as follows:

  • 14 Million sold on PC
  • 7.6 Million sold on Consoles
  • 8.7 Million sold on Mobile

The company adds, “What is even more crazy is that the momentum behind our game remains as strong as it has ever been – even in advance of Journey’s End arriving soon, which is sure to blow the lid off once again!”

And the developer is right. Nine years down the line, the game is seeing consistent sales. Three years ago, it reported a 20 million milestone, which means it has sold 10 million copies since 2017.

Journey’s End will be the final update to Terraria, after which the company will be able to move on to the next title.