One of the most pressing challenges Stadia is facing is a small library. Google understands this. That is why the tech giant announced that it’s working on a program that will allow indie devs to publish games on the cloud platform.

The initiative is called Stadia Makers. At the moment, it is being developed in collaboration with Unity .

According to Google, a lot of studios approached them about launching on Stadia, but previously the company simply could not afford to work with so many teams. Now, when the new program is properly set up, the situation should change significantly.

As part of the program, Unity experts will help developers with technical and certification issues to make sure the game meets its beta and launch targets. Additionally, Stadia Makers participants will receive up to five free Stadia development kits per team. Moreover, Google is prepared to offset some of the expenses associated with multi-platform launches.

As part of the pilot program, Google is looking for “experienced indie developers” who create their games on Unity 2019.3 and later. You can apply here.

Earlier, a number of developers said they weren’t impressed by the Stadia team’s offer.