More bad news. Android app developers have been warned that reviews will now take longer. The review time will now be 7 days. In some cases, the process may drag on for an even longer period.

This became known today via the notification in the Google Play developer console:


Here’s what Android developers saw today in the admin area

Earlier the review of Google Play apps took from several hours to a day.

Goolge attributes the review time extension to the changes in the work schedule. Most likely, it has to do with the transfer of many employees to remote work over the coronavirus health crisis: on March 10, Google told 100 thousand employees in North America to work from home.

It is possible that similar changes regarding app reviews will be reported by Apple. On March 6, the company allowed a part of its staff to switch to remote work. This led to a bunch of problems. Apparently, Apple’s security guidelines and internal network are specifically designed to prevent work outside the office, which is further aggravated by slow home network speeds.