WN Media Group decided not to host the annual CEO Summit in Spain over coronavirus concerns. At the same time, the company announced the upcoming launch of WN Hub, an online business communication platform for the gaming industry.


The company elaborated on the situation in an official statement:

“The world is changing lightning fast. Actually, it had already changed forever while you were reading the updates on COVID-19 and deciding whether it was a good time to travel. The time has come for the game industry to replace how we look for new partners, close deals, communicate with our industry friends. It’s time to question everything to become more efficient, productive and successful.

A lot of events got canceled. We were trying to stay brave but eventually, we have to let go of something too. Because our audience is what we value most of all.

That’s why the White Nights CEO Summit Barcelona will not take place in 2020, all the tickets will be refunded in full. Also, we will do everything to help cancel hotel bookings without penalties.

At the same time, we’re introducing the new thing – the WN Hub, game industry communication platform. It will enable you to reach all your business goals online: host meetings, find leads, exchange news, learn something new, represent your company, hire employees. Not putting your well-being at risk by doing all this.

The WN Hub will go live in the mid-April.

We are still planning to hold the White Nights Conference in St. Petersburg on June 25-26. Visitors to an offline conference will also be able to use the WN Hub platform, thereby maximizing the benefits of participation.”