On March 6, medieval kingdom management simulator Yes, Your Grace came out on Steam. Over the weekend, the game generated $600k. Publisher No More Robots names possible reasons for this success.


No More Robots head Mike Rose expects the game to sell 250 thousand copies on Steam in the first year.

How many copies the game has sold on release is unclear. But at the time of its launch, 80 thousand people wishlisted the game. This seems to be the biggest driver of strong launch.

The correlation between wishlists and sales on Steam is pretty obvious. According to Rose, “roughly 25% of wishlists eventually turn into sales.”

How was No More Robots able to get at least 80 thousand players interested in Yes, Your Grace? Mike Rose attributes the success to three main factors:

  • a great reveal trailer;

  • the launch of the open beta in November. That month, the game 30,000 users added the game to their wishlists;
  • high-quality key art.

Separately, Rose noted that the localization of the game in German, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish contributed to strong sales upon release. Without it, the revenue would have been significantly lower, since the US players only accounted for 27% of sales over the weekend.

Yes, Your Grace is a strategic simulator with RPG elements. The player controls the medieval kingdom, making alliances, solving the problems of the subjects and preparing for the war. The style of the title is somewhat reminiscent of that of Kingdom: New Lands by Raw Fury.