Founded in 2010, ironSource has helped developer acquire users through its ad network, UA platform, and ad mediation capabilities.

The company now opened a new studio called Supersonic Games that will publish and develop ad-based hypercasual titles.

According to Chief revenue officer Omer Kaplan, the opening of its own studio will help ironSource better connect with the industry. This, in turn, will add value to the company’s main offering.

Combining game growth technology and expertise with owned and operated games will give any company a significant edge in today’s game industry, and we’ve seen this play out with increased vertical consolidation in the industry.

We truly believe that merging gametech and successful ad-based games is the best, most efficient model of generating sustainable long-term growth for ironSource and for the game industry at large,

Chief revenue officer Omer Kaplan, via VentureBeat

Supersonic Games has already published Sort It 3D, a game that made it to the top of the major European, U.S., South Korean, and Japanese charts within a day of launch. More games are coming in March.


Sort It 3D

Supersonic Games currently employs 20 mobile growth experts and it is expected to grow to over 60 by the end of 2020.

As VentureBeat points out though, “the downside is that the company will now compete with its customers, as ironSource’s rival AppLovin did when it announced its move into games with the opening of Lion Studios.”