Mobile gaming giant Supercell has made an early investment of $1.1 million in a newly formed studio called Wild Games.

The newcomer is based in Stockholm and is made up of six ex-DICE developers. The studio was only formed in December 2019, but Supercell already took notice.


Wild Games is led by CEO Robert Wasser, who formerly headed development at DICE, the studio behind the Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront franchises. He has 15 years of experience in the triple-A console industry.

Most of us have built AAA for a long time, and we still love those games and play them a lot.

However, we do miss the accessibility of older games and we believe that by combining this accessibility with depth and high visual and technical quality, we can make games that bring something new to mobile gamers.

It’s not only about building great games though; we also want to build a more modern game studio. A studio where decisions are made by the team working on the game and superiors are there for inspiration and advice, not to make decisions for you.

Wild Games is led by CEO Robert Wasser via

According to Wasser, Supercell was the studio’s preferred investor that they themselves reached out to about funding.

Both Supercell and Wild Games are silent on what kind of games the studio will now work on, other than Wasser indicating that the plan is to “continue building games with high production values.”

The studio hopes to share more details later this year.