Callum Underwood, Director of Special Projects at SUPERHOT Team, announced that SUPERHOT VR generated over $2 million over the past week alone. This takes into account all platforms where the game is available.

Unfortunately, even if understandably, the developer did not provide the revenue breakdown by platform.

He did admit, however, that right now only estimates are available for sales on PS VR, with the exact sales data being released next year.

SUPERHOT, an innovative FPS where time moves only when you move, came out in February 2016 on PC, and the VR version arrived in December 2016. Since then, the title has gradually rolled out on other platforms including Oculus Quest and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Impressive results for an indie team. In fact, the revenue stream from the SUPERHOT IP has been so impressive it allowed the SUPERHOT devs to launch Superhot Presents, a fund to support “cool, fun, unusual games.”