Users are willing to tolerate ads

In the material: more than half of the owners of smartphones and tablets are willing to tolerate advertising in exchange for access to free content; a few statistics regarding the love of users for free applications.

According to one of the latest research by the analytical company Nielsen, 51% of users have nothing against advertising on their devices, unless, of course, they are given free access to content.

Only in the last month, according to the same Nielsen, a third of tablet and smartphone users who download only free apps have given preference to games. 20% of the same group of particularly principled fans of freebies devoted themselves to applications for social networks, another 18%, apparently, are fond of music.

Interestingly, there are some users who pay for applications in principle, without looking at the colorful labels with the inscriptions Free. However, they are an absolute minority.

Most of all users who don’t get hung up on whether the app is paid or free, downloading whatever they like.

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