Wargaming officially opened a new studio in Guildford, England, that will be focusing on an announced IP. 


The new title will be a free-to-play multiplayer action game that the World of Tanks and World of Warships publisher is famous for. However, it will be different from the hardcore portfolio of existing projects and will be designed specifically for the Western audience. The company intends to develop the new game “forever.” In case you haven’t been paying attention, World of Tanks, for example, marked its tenth anniversary last year.

The UK studio has technically been around since September 2018. At around that time, it acquired Edge Case Games. However, a fire in July this year forced the developer to relocate. As a result, the official launch of the studio only happened this week.

The launch event was attended by CEO Victor Kislyi.

The UK office currently employs an experienced team of 6o, according to the press release. In 2020, studio head Sean Decker wants to grow the headcount to around 150. Decker previously worked for Electronic Arts, DICE and CCP. In various executive roles, he was attached to franchises such as Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, SimCity and Eve Online.

We are in a unique position – we have the backing of a global company, AND we have autonomy over our own creative direction – it’s really exciting. We are proud to be a part of Wargaming’s enduring legacy, as well as its reputation as a great company to work for. We want to continue building this quality across our UK team, with 30 positions currently open for application. We really believe that we can be the best place to make games in the UK.

Sean Decker, Studio Head at Wargaming UK

Wargaming UK is the latest addition to Wargaming’s network spanning over 4,500 employees and 18 locations.