This Steam Autumn Sale you can buy the Steam Controller for $5 plus shipping. And this is also the last time you can buy it at all.

Steam Controller

Valve will no longer be making these gamepads, as confirmed by the company to The Verge.

The controller first introduced in 2013 allows an unprecedented level of customization and most closely matches the precision of a mouse and keyboard.

That’s because it uses a pair of trackpads, complete with tiny solenoid actuators for haptic feedback, so you can emulate a mouse or trackball. Plus, there are paddles around back for crouching, jumping, strafing, you name it without needing to take your thumbs off those trackpads.

Sean Hollister, Senior News Editor at The Verge


And thanks to a built-in gyroscope, players can physically aim the gamepad to get that perfect shot.

They could, anyway. The Steam Controller as we know it is biting the dust following the quiet demise of the Steam Machine consoles.

But maybe it’s for the best. Valve can now focus on its VR rig consisting of Valve Index, Index controllers and Index Base Station.