After six months of work, the CryEngine team rolled out a new version of the engine — 5.6. It features over 1,000 changes to optimize game development.

Physics, rendering, audio, etc., as well as CryEngine Launcher, have been improved.

Here are just a few changes:

  • Sandbox Editor has been upgraded to make the workflow faster and more flexible;
  • better metal textures and more freedom with other materials (creation and modeling of various surfaces);
  • more accurate calculation and modelling of area lights;
  • tessellation function to create smoother curved objects or ribbon-effects like trails from flying objects;
  • CRUWARE ADX2 audio system support;
  • Behavior Tree UI support – to create more complex behavior patterns for NPCs and enemies. This technology has already been production-proven during Hunt: Showdown development.

The full list of changes is available here.

Want to see some of these features tested in action? You can play Hunt: Showdown, which left early access.

Or watch a trailer demonstrating the capabilities of CryEngine 5.6.

Wait… What is that at 2:17? Could it be an announced game in our favourite franchise revealing itself for the first time?