Hades by Supergiant Games was one of the three launch exclusives on Epic Games Store. Since its launch in December 2018, the game has been in early access.

The developers originally suggested that the game would only become available on other platforms after the final version of the game was out. Yesterday, however, the game got a Steam page that says Hades will be released on Valve’s storefront on December 10, still in early access.

December 10, that’s almost one year since the title originally appeared on EGS. From the looks of it, that’s how long the game had to remain exclusive according to the deal with Epic, and Supergiant decided not to wait until the early access actually ends. Once it’s live on Steam, the game will already have lots of content and features.

The complete version, according to the developers, will come out in the second half of 2020. It will have additional narrative content and a complete ending to the story, as well as other finishing touches across other aspects.

Temporary exclusivity is becoming something of a trend. Borderlands 3, for example, will come out on EGS in September, with the Steam release scheduled for 2020.