The fist Fortnite World Cup wrapped up this weekend. The event boasted the biggest prize fund in the history of esports, with $30 million at stake.


10 weeks prior to the competition, 40 million players participated in open qualifiers, with just 100 making it to the finals. Certain controvercy as to the fairness of the qualifiers, with known cheaters such as XXiF and his partner Ronaldo being able to enter the tournament .

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, 16, from the US became the first Fortnite world champion and won $3m in the solo tournament. In the duos competition, Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen and David “aqua” Wang won $1.5 million each. Every competitor walked away at least with a $50,000 prize.

This August, an annual Dota 2 esport event called the International is expected to have an even bigger prize pool.