Instagram was instrumental in promoting the mobile hit Archero. It provided 48 percent of the game’s ad impressions on iOS.

This is according to the data from the analytical platform Apptica, which tracks performance of app ad networks.


Archero ad impressions on iOS (including soft launch)

The game was promoted through Instagram in the USA only. For other regions, Habby used, among other networks, Unity Ads (to advertise the title in Korea and Hong Kong) and ironSource (for promotion in Japan and the USA).

On Android, the situation is different. AppLovin provided 88 percent of all ad impressions. Plus, the game was mostly advertised in South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.


Archero ad impressions on Android (including soft launch)

In assessing the shares of networks in the total number of ad impressions, we considered two periods. From May 14 to June 26 (for the App Store) and from May 20 to June 26 (for Google Play). This is due to the fact that the global release of the game happened on iOS and Android one week apart

The game developed by Singapore’s Habby grossed over $8.5 million in its first month.