According to Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, World War Z has sold nearly 700,000 copies on Epic Games Store since its release on April 16. This figure makes EGS the top digital platform for Saber’s co-op zombie shooter.

While the impressive EPS stats have not exceeded the physical sales on PS4, the developer was impressed with the game’s reception on PC.

“We always believed the game would find a good following on PC eventually. The surprise was just how quickly it happened, and how important Epic’s platform was in getting us there.”

“On the PC specifically, we are performing way above expectations thanks to the support we have received from the Epic Games Store.”

Matthew Karch, CEO of developer Saber Interactive, via PCGamesN

The game is an EGS exclusive on PC. Its sales across all platforms, digital and retail, have now exceeded 2m copies.