Google announced yesterday it would open a new data center in Hamina, Finland. The company will be investing about 600 million euros ($672 million) in the new facility.

GoogleThis will become Google’s second data center in Hamina. The tech giant spent 800 million euros on the first one in 2009.

In addition to Finland, the company also has data centers in the Netherlands, Ireland, and Belgium. That’s in Europe alone.

“The demand for Google services is growing daily and we are building our data center infrastructure to match this demand.”

Antti Jarvinen, Google’s Finland country head suggests that the current expansion of Google’s infrastructure has partly to do with its upcoming streaming service, Stadia.

According to Google, Stadia will offer a high-quality experience in 4K at 60 frames per second with 25Mbps connection. Instead using consoles’ local processing capacities, Stadia will realy on a global cloud infrastructure enhanced through the latest investment.