AppsFlyer: in 2022, companies spent almost $27 billion on attracting users to mobile games

AppsFlyer marketing company has published a large-scale report on the state of the advertising market in mobile games in 2022. We have selected several key data from it.

Last year, the total cost of attracting users increased to $26.7 billion. A little less than half of the amount fell on the United States — $ 12.2 billion. The second place is taken by Japan — $ 1.96 billion.

▪️On average, the number of Android game installations in the world has increased by 7.9%. On iOS, the indicator fell by 5%. If we talk only about Russia, the number of game installations on Android fell by 27%, and on iOS — by 30%.

In the second half of the year, revenue from in-game purchases on Android decreased by 14% compared to July-December 2021. On iOS, it fell by only 1%.

By the end of the year, revenue from in-game advertising on iOS had fallen by 26% since January. How the situation on Android has changed is not specified.


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