Evgeny Grishakov, with the support of Appodeal, launches a reality show on the purchase of traffic for mobile games

A reality show about mobile game developers is starting on YouTube. The idea of the project is to show by a live example how to use advertising to scale the performance of mobile games. The author of the show, which is called “Reality for the purchase of traffic“, is game dev blogger Evgeny Grishakov.

The project has two components:

  • directly reality show;
  • a contest with a prize fund of $ 20 thousand.


To participate in the show, Grishakov chose three developers among the viewers of the channel. Everyone has their own mobile game project, everyone wants to promote it, but does not know how to do it correctly.

During the reality show, developers will have mentors who will teach them how to work with tools and channels, share working strategies for attracting a mobile audience with them.

It is assumed that the participants of the show will learn how to create creatives, measure CPI, build a predictive LTV model, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The project is implemented on the Appodeal platform. She also sponsors a reality show and a competition. It is reported that participants will study purchasing in Google Ads, Unity Ads, ironSource, Mintegral and TikTok. Mobile attribution will take place via AppsFlyer.


After the reality show, there will be a competition for game developers. Its participants will receive up to $ 500 for CPI testing, and will also be able to claim a prize pool of a total of $ 20 thousand (for marketing).

The winners will be the teams that use the Appodeal tools to achieve the set benchmarks the fastest. The winner of the first place will receive $ 10 thousand for the purchase of traffic, the second — $ 6 thousand, and the third — $ 4 thousand.

There are two main conditions for participation: integrate Appodeal monetization into the game and join Grishakov’s Game Dev Club, a community where developers share their experience and listen to expert streams.


The show officially starts today, August 4, at 19.00 on Evgeny Grishakov’s YouTube channel.

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