Atlus has disclosed sales of Persona 5 Royal remaster recently released for PC and consoles. The Japanese company also shared total figures for Persona 5 and its spin-offs.

The latest version of Persona 5 Royal has already sold 1 million units

According to an official press release:

  • The latest version of Persona 5 Royal, launched for PC, Switch, Xbox, and PS5 on October 21, has already sold 1 million copies;
  • Total sales of the Royal edition, which was initially released for PS4 in 2019, have reached 3.3 million units sold globally;

  • Overall, Persona 5 has sold 8.3 million units globally. This includes the original version released in 2016, as well as the Royal edition and two spin-offs, Strikers and Dancing in Starlight;
  • These numbers make it the best-selling entry not only in the Persona series, but also in the entire Megami Tensei franchise;
  • Total sales of the Persona series have surpassed 16.8 million units worldwide.

The Persona 5 Royal remaster came out to positive reviews from critics, with an average Metascore of 95/100. It has become one of the highest-rated PC games of all time, currently sitting in 9th place — right below Baldur’s Gate II, BioShock, and Half-Life 2.