A small legal revolution

To protect the rights of users, six leading companies in the field of mobile technologies have created a single legal protocol for mobile applications. 

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, RIM and HP have entered into a mutual agreement. According to him, any application in the digital stores of these companies is obliged to warn the user before installation about what kind of personal information about the user it is going to copy or use. 

By the way, Google is already implementing this agreement in applications on the Android Market. However, the company – and not only this one – has yet to carry out “explanatory” work among developers in this regard, and also to make sure that users can report cases of violation of their rights in a form convenient for them. 

The need to sign such an agreement has been brewing for a long time. The last straw was the story of the Path social service, whose iOS client sent a copy of the phone’s notebook to the company’s service without warning. 

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