A court in Canada refused to consider a lawsuit against EA about the similarity of loot boxes and gambling

The Canadian court will not consider charges against Electronic Arts (EA) concerning violations of the gambling law. He did not agree that the company uses gambling practices by adding loot boxes to games.

The court pointed out that users of EA games cannot officially “cash out” loot boxes and sell them for real money — as can be done, for example, with casino chips. Therefore, in the current form, the plaintiffs’ claims against EA are unfounded.

Nevertheless, the court believes that the plaintiffs can supplement their statement and try to accuse EA of unfair and misleading actions.

Recall that the lawsuit against EA was filed in 2020 by Mark Sutherland and Shawn Moore. They demanded that the company return to them, as well as to all other affected residents of British Columbia, the money spent on loot boxes.


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