Bankruptcy Arbitration manager Game Insight: "This behavior is more typical of homegrown mom's scammers"

Denis Kachura, the arbitration manager in the bankruptcy case of Game Insight in Russia, spoke about what is happening in the publishing house of mobile games. He stated that in his many-year career, he had never encountered such defiant and ugly behavior of the company before.

Kachura shared details about Game Insight on his Facebook page (owned by Meta, a company banned in Russia).

According to Kachura, in June last year he learned about the departure of Game Insight from Russia and the dismissal of 600 local employees. At first, Kachura did not attach much importance to the news [approx. the spelling of the author is preserved in all quotations].

Well, it goes on and on, I thought, the time is like this, the workers will be sorted out, someone will be dragged, somehow reorganized, someone will be reduced and they will find a new job themselves, GI is big, rich, it happens worse.

Denis Kachura

Arbitration manager in the case of bankruptcy of Game Insight in Russia

Gradually, the situation with Game Insight began to heat up.

By the end of the summer, news began to flash that wages had not been paid, workers were rioting, the shop was in liquidation and a bankruptcy application was filed. The main message, Lithuania, where, in 2015, it seems, the head of Game Insight moved, does not allow money to be paid in the Russian Federation, politics, everything. Turn.... but we have a long-standing political love with the Baltic States, it also happens, but the case was put on track.

Denis Kachura

Game Insight Bankruptcy Arbitration Manager in Russia

In October 2022, the court appointed Kachura as the arbitration manager in this case, after which he began to thoroughly understand what was happening. What he saw did not please him. According to the expert, the words about the difficult political situation and the inability to make payments to Russia from Lithuania were used by the management of Game Insight as an excuse, but in fact, everything is much more complicated.

That’s how, according to Kachura, events unfolded (the editors of App2Top replaced obscene expressions in the text with analogues):

1. The directors began to change feverishly, in February one, in March another, in July already the third – the liquidator.

2. They started feverishly, and, by the way, it’s not bad to clean up accounting databases, they gave me only what I had to see. The manager was clamped, by himself.

3. The documents are just a bunch, what it was not a pity to show again.

4. A decent part of the company’s equipment is simply [approx. stolen]. According to the documents, this is not the case, there are all sorts of write-offs, depreciation and payments in kind, but it is called [approx. stolen]))) looks very funny. Especially when all the tops were left with a bunch of iPhones and all sorts of makbukpro 16 m1mah for a couple of pieces in one hand. Well, it’s true, such a laptop, it is to the financial director [approx. why]? 1C run with excel)))) Or there to the person responsible for labor protection…

5. Tried [approx. to transfer] trademarks registered in the Russian Federation to the neighboring shop, but at some point they came to their senses, returned everything as it was. Sorry)

6. They tried to transfer the “loyal” employees first to one shop, but that was too affiliated, they were transferred to another, although they were too lazy even to change the sign, the same people, the same chairs, but a prosecutor’s check came there on a tip from employees who were not paid, everyone fled like cockroaches with the lights on. Hiding…

7. In the end, bankruptcy, hundreds of salary claims in general jurisdiction, prosecutor’s checks, investigative committee, criminal case, 270 people without a salary of about 150 million rubles.

Not bad. This behavior is really more typical for homegrown mom’s scammers, who have “their own business” but apparently no one is insured, even people with all sorts of MBAs there.

8. I almost forgot about the Bonus. Game Insight, completely deleted the Russian-language section of the Game Insight website, disabled Russian servers, removed games from the Russian segment of app stores, and users seeking technical support from the Russian Federation simply gives my working email. Very adult))) But I answer, it’s not difficult for me, and I don’t want to be like that.

As the arbitration manager further writes, on December 29, the register of creditors’ claims to Game Insight was closed. That’s just it turned out that only the company’s salary debts to employees and nothing else were entered into the register — this is very atypical in bankruptcy.

I have been in bankruptcy for many years, in all its manifestations, hundreds of procedures have passed through me, but this (approx. outrages) I haven't seen it yet. Business is a risky thing, different things happen, business throws each other. It is ok. Unpleasant, but normal. Usually it looks like. They throw bankers on loans, insurers sometimes, throw the motherland on taxes and mandatory payments. They throw contractors. They throw partners. The sequence is usually like this, those who are smarter, try not to offend their homeland, because it is very difficult to negotiate with her later. Last of all, they throw workers. There are two reasons for this. The first and most important of them, throwing workers is piggish, because it was they who helped you earn, and just like a human being, they have kids, loans, life, etc. The second reason, characteristic of our country, non-payment of the PO, is a corner. Moreover, the jurisdiction of the IC and (approx. punished) for non-payment very harshly.

Denis Kachura

Arbitration manager in the bankruptcy case of Game Insight in Russia

Kachura is also sure that Game Insight could list all the necessary payments to employees in Russia, but deliberately decided not to do it.

Denis Kachura

Game Insight Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Trustee in Russia

According to Kachura, the company’s leaders have already earned criminal responsibility by their actions. It is definitely unclear who exactly will be punished by Russian law enforcement officers, but most likely, the February or March managers of the Russian “daughter” of Game Insight will fall under the blow of justice.

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