The share of iPad in the Chinese market increased by 20 in the quarter%

Despite Apple’s legal difficulties in China, the iPad has become the undisputed leader in the Chinese tablet market. 

According to the research company Analysys International, in the second quarter the market share of the “apple” company reached 72.6%. According to China Daily, this figure is 20% higher than the results of iPad sales in the first quarter of 2012. Lenovo is in second place with a market share of 8.4%. It is followed by Samsung with a 3.5% market share.   

According to analysts at Analysys, Apple’s impressive growth was made possible by two factors. Firstly, the latest version of the iPad was not available on the Chinese market until the beginning of the second quarter, thereby creating a stir around it. Secondly, the decline in the price of the previous model spurred sales of the iPad 2. 

Despite the successful sales of devices in China, Apple itself is involved in several legal conflicts on its territory at once: with Proview Technology (over the rights to the iPad name) and a patent conflict concerning Facetime technology. 

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