Rovio is going to invest in Russian games

A popular Finnish company is currently looking for promising domestic teams engaged in the development of mobile games.

One of the founders of the company, Peter Vesterbacka, told RBC daily about this. However, he also noted that the search for interesting startups in Russia takes place within the framework of a more extensive, global search for talented young companies. 

In other words, Rovio, observing the decline in popularity of its main and only franchise, is looking for projects that will take over the baton of success from Angry Birds. Moreover, the company understands that it should be far from one or two projects, but a whole line of diverse, polished games.  

At least Vesterbaka himself claims that Rovio is currently “expanding its own line of projects.” Considering that this summer they have already planned the release of a new Amazing Alex product, and the Futuremark gaming division bought by the company is also doing something, it can be assumed that the company has Napoleonic plans. 

According to Vesterbak, Rovio has already looked at several projects in Russia. However, it is not yet known what kind of games these are, who is developing them, and also how much the Finns are going to invest in them.

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