GREE bought half of GeePlus shares

Information appeared on the Network, according to which GREE acquired 49.2% of the shares of the newly minted game developer GeePlus.

The Tokyo studio, which employs about 140 people, is less than a month old. It is known that most of its employees used to work under the wing of the console developer Polygon Magic. GeePlus, as part of GREE, will most likely create projects for the latter’s mobile gaming platform.

It is not known how much the studio cost the Japanese publishing house. 

At the moment, the Western market is among GREE’s priorities. At the end of May, the company announced the European version of its own gaming platform GREE Platform. With its help, users will have access to games such as Assassin’s Creed and Sid Meier’s Pirates, among others! However, the company does not forget about its native, Japanese market, in which the main rival of GREE has long been DeNA with its mobile gaming platform Mobage.

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